Hurricanes Sports Complex & Educational Resource Center

Greenville Hurricanes is a premier sports organization, offering character-producing sports opportunities to over 760 athletes in the 21/22 school year. We provide sports programs that serve the homeschool community and traditionally-schooled athletes whose school does not provide a particular sport. 

Because of our tremendous growth, Greenville Hurricanes needs a home base to house many of our athletic programs. 

That’s why we’re pursuing an opportunity to purchase 15 acres of land to build a central facility. In order to make this purchase and begin developing our facilities, to secure the land, we need to raise $3 million by September 2022.

A Home Base for a Growing Community

The homeschool community is growing rapidly! 

With a 30% growth rate for two years in a row, we are experiencing tremendous success as we engage youth, with coaches and mentors committed to growing the next generation of leaders.

Build a facility to serve homeschoolers and the community!

Currently, Hurricanes leverages field and gym space made available by community partners. We are finding that those facilities are at capacity 90% of the time, during the Hurricanes’ greatest time of need. Additionally, having multiple sports and families involved in multiple sports makes it logistically difficult to transport athletes to multiple locations. That’s why we’re pursuing an opportunity to purchase 15 acres of land to build a central facility.

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Unified location! Educational resource! Community access!

First, by completing this project, we can bring most of our sports to one location, making it easier for our families to be involved in our program. Secondly, we understand that co-ops in the Upstate would benefit from having classroom space and other educational resources. Finally, we want to support the quickly-growing community by offering access to facility so more kids can experience the benefits of sports!


Be a part of the solution by donating, networking, and connecting so the facility can get started!

This is truly a community effort! We view this being a benefit to the following groups:  (1) Families in the Hurricanes sports programs, (2) other community sports programs needing facility use, (3) businesses benefiting from the youth sports activities in the area and/or community-focused supporters and (4) civic and community partners. We believe if all of us rally around this endeavor, we can enhance our community!

About The Canes

Greenville Hurricane Athletics is a 501(c)(3) organization created to provide athletic opportunities to elementary, middle school and high school students. This athletic program is open to the greater homeschooling community and private, Christian, Charter or alternative education groups that may not offer that particular sport in their own organization.

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